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Arrowfield co.,ltd.

You can rely on Arrowfield to provide you with a diversity of staffing options, including translators and interpretors, CAD staff, mechanical engineers, IT staff, and other office workers with language skillssuch as English and Chinese.

We have a network that provides staffing services, translations, and interpretations for our clients around the globe.

Our experienced coordinators at Arrowfield will be able to assist you in finding the best staff for your company's needs.

Giving you High-Quality Translations
Translation for various specialized fields is undertaken by our translators, who have background knowledge in the field and a wealth of experience.
Each translation assignment is individually managed by our translation coordinator. To ensure the quality of our translations, comparative checks and native checks are conducted after the translation is complete.
We offer fast, accurate, and high-quality translations, and support businesses with our reliability and experience.

Overseas or domestic, we dispatch our workers anywhere.
Arrowfield can assist you with various interpretation assignments such as basic interpretations, consecutive interpretations,and simultaneous interpretations.
We can assist you with various languages and minority languages in addition to English, Chinese, and Korean.
We also provide interpreters for one-time, short-term, and long-term assignments. Please contact us for details.
Our staffing services include:

・Temporary Staffing
・Employment Placement(finding qualified experts for the job)
・Temp to Perm Staffing(workers who are employed directly
   by the client)
  company after working for a fixed period as a temporary worker).

Please contact us for details.

Arrowfield is recruiting the following personnel. For those of you looking to utilize your qualifications or skills, then please register.
Employment types include the following: temp, temp to perm, and employment placement (introduction to become a full-time company member).

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Office related work
・Filing work
・Data entry
・Patent work
・Sales Work
・Finance Office
・Trading office
・Human Resources


・Clerical Work
・Office Work in English

Specialist Roles e.g. Engineering
・System Engineers
・Web Designers
・OA Instructors
・Technical Sales
・Network Engineers
・Engineering Department
・Production Technology
・System Operator
・Technical Support
・Software Developes
・Structural Engineering
One-time Translation and Interpretation
Arrowfield is recruiting candidates for single interpretation assignments that take roughly 1 to 3 days, as well as for short-term translation assignments.
We receive a large number of interpretation requests from companies that involve languages such as English, Chinese, Korean, Indonesian, etc.
In addition to receiving requests from Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Nara, we also receive requests from the Kanto area.
We also receive requests for translations of honorifics, Chinese and Korean.
We welcome applications from in-home translators with qualifying language skills.