Translation/Interpreting/Temporary Staffing ARROWFIELD CO.,LTD.


5-16 Honjo, Koyoen, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 662-0015, Japan

■Why not use our interpretation services?

We offer interpretation services for business negotiations, telephone conferences, international conferences,international sports conventions, broadcasts, interviews, and more, regardless of location (domestic or international).

We can dispatch skilled interpretors for simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, whispered interpreting, as well as interepreters who can attend the site (factory site, etc.) to accomodate various work settings.

If you are in need of interpretation assistance with respect to English, Chinese, Korean, or other languages, please contact us.

■Characteristics of Arrowfield

It is the job of an interpretor to always be considerate to people around them and leave a positive impression.
Interpretors who make people feel uncomfortable or lack common courtesy are inadequate interpretors, regardless of how good their skills may be.
At Arrowfield, we place an emphasis on staff education to ensure that this does not happen.

When dispatching an interpretor to accompany you overseas, the client will be responsible for the travel costs of the interpretor, in addition to overseas expenses, accomodations, and food expenses.
For long-term assignments, a discount is available. Please contact us for details.

■Languages and Interpretation Rates

 Our main languages include the following.  Translation rates (standard rates)
English Chinese Korean Danish Sinhalese Swahili
German Hungarian Czech Turkish Greek Russian
French Thai Dutch Persian Polish Acholi
Spanish Tagalog Arabic Nepalese Romanian Malay
Finnish Vietnamese Swedish Urdu Tamil Assamese
Italian Portuguese Indonesian Burmese other minority languages
※The higher the skill of the interpretor, the sooner their schedule becomes full.
※In order for us to dispatch an even better intepretor, please contact us with the date of the assignment two weeks before.
※We can also dispatch interpretors for long-term assignments.
※We may also be able to provide interpretors for sudden requests in the case of English, Chinese, Korean and
   other languages. First, please contact us for details.

■Interpretation Estimates

Please contact us with the following information.
  The language used
  The interpretation period (we can provide for long-term assignments)
  Interpretor requirements (such as gender or specialized knowledge)
  Your budget
  The place of assignment
  The time of interpretation
  The subject of interpretation

Please be aware of the following upon placing your order
 If you cancel an interpretation assignment, cancellation fees will be charged at the following rates.
  10 to 5 days before: 30% cancellation fee
  4 to 1 days before: 50% cancellation fee
  The day of the assignment: 100%

Individual customers
 If we receive an order from an individual customer, we require payment beforehand in order to avoid any difficulties.
  Bank Name: Mitsui Sumitomo
  Branch: Ikeda
  Bank number: (savings account) 9102942
  名義:Beneficiary Name: Arrowfield Co., Ltd