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■Protection of Personal Information

Arrowfield considers (in all manners of business including domestic and international staffing, translation, interpreting, and language instruction) the proper protection of information that could personally identify clients or registrants (below “personal information”) to be a social responsibility and takes the following measures to protect it.

•In addition to conducting activities to educate and enlighten employees, we appoint a manager in every division that deals with personal information.

•We enact rational technological policies on personal information stored in automatic processing systems and labor to prevent the inappropriate access to, loss of, forgery of, or leak of personal information.

•We use the personal information offered to us by our clients and registrants in order to fulfill our contractual obligations to our clients and registrants, in order to develop superior products and services, in order to deliver useful information to registrants and clients, and other appropriate reasons alone.

•Barring cases with a justified reason, we will never offer personal information from our clients or registrants to third parties apart from our subsidiaries, consignees of business, business associates, or the successors of business partners of our company and our subsidiaries.

•When we request personal information from our registrants or clients, we will, as a principle, notify them of the purpose of collecting information, the range of third parties to whom the information will be offered, and notify our consultation center for our clients and registrants.

•When we offer personal information from registrants or clients to third parties we will, barring exceptional circumstances, attempt to prevent the leak of information or information being passed on again according to the methods obligated by our contracts.

When customers or clients would like to confirm or correct the personal information they have provided, we will respond within rational limits. Please notify in advance and speak with the consultation.

•Together with abiding the Japanese laws and other standards that concern the protection of the personal information of our clients and registrants, we will continually revise this policy and work toward its improvement.

*Arrowfield properly manages the personal information of our customers and registrants based on Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)

Hideo Yano
President, Arrowfield Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1st, 2003
Revised Nov. 2nd, 2009