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Our company’s fundamental principle is to provide safe and swift shipping. We dedicate ourselves to responding to a variety of customer needs based on the 3 mottos listed below.
Furthermore, we are currently expanding our network of farms for our cut flower import business.

Low Cost: We have succeeded in cutting shipping costs by integrating our overseas export process and our distribution process for domestic market destinations.
Quality Management: Goods inspection on the production end, quarantining before loading, quarantining upon arrival to Japan, inspection after customs clearance, and fixed optimal temperature management throughout the entire process until before shipment.
Speed: Our dedicated full-time staff will conduct work in a timely manner, from the paperwork process all the way to shipping and delivery.

Products Currently Handled:
Import: Gladiolus, Oncidium, Eustoma, Anthurium, Phalaenopsis Aphrodite (orchid), Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Rose, and other cut flowers
Export: Japanese sake, shochu, etc. *Worldwide shipping available

Acquired License for Wholesale Export of Liquor

What’s New

Mar. 26th, 2015
We’ve completed our import of Taiwan-grown gladioluses
for 2014.
Our estimated import sales amount through November of
2015 to March of the next year is approximately
1,200,000 flowers.