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Agricultural consulting business

Starting with the signing of an agreement with the VietNam Farmers Association in May 2017, we will provide seed and organic farming technology and related products to make Vietnamese vegetables and fruits safe and secure. At the same time, we are making efforts to contribute to the development of Vietnamese agriculture by consistently producing from production to sales, such as providing sales destinations for crops (Japan, Thailand, etc.).

About main efforts

It's currently paused.

  • In the vast 600ha agricultural complex in Binh Phuoc Province, Viet Nam, we consistently produce seeds, supply of agricultural materials in general, dispatch of agricultural engineers, and sales of agricultural products.
  • In addition to cooperating in the guidance and supervision of the vegetable processing, refrigeration and freezing process center to be constructed in Hanoi, Viet Nam, we will promote crops cultivated in the surrounding 1,200 ha of agricultural land and supply them to Japan and Thailand. At that time, we will also provide organic farming products and provide technical guidance for making safe and secure vegetables.
  • Soil improvement when constructing a process center scheduled to be completed in June 2018 in Ha Nam, Vietnam, and selling fresh vegetable products with the theme of safety and security in the three prefectures of Viet Nam to Japan, the United States, Europe, and China. Consistently producing seeds, cultivation guidance, pesticide management, and sales.
  • Proposal for adoption of microbial farming methods such as soil improvement for organic farms in Ho Chi Minh City.
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