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Sales / export related business

We are developing domestic and overseas Sales and Export businesses centered on organic agricultural materials and packaging materials that enable safe and secure production of vegetables and fruits.

About organic agricultural materials handled by our company

  • We handle the following product groups manufactured by Shimamoto Microbial Industry Co., Ltd.
  • Fermented material for solar heat soil treatment「Soil Clean」
  • Special enzyme agent「Togen No 1」
  • Quality taste improvement accelerator「Togen No 3」
  • Organic fermented fertilizer「Shinnou Ekisu No 1」
  • Nucleic acid fortified plant active spray「Farman 」
  • Livestock enzyme feed「Bymfuudo」

These fermenting agents and fertilizers manufactured by Shimamoto Microbial Industry Co., Ltd. enhance the soil fertility by the action of useful microorganisms and enzymes, maximize the capacity of the crops, and increase the production of safe, nutritious and delicious agricultural products.

Livestock enzyme feed「Bymfuudo」is a plant-based fermented mixed feed cultivated by a group of useful fermenting microorganisms. By adding it to various feeds, the content of the feed is strengthened and it contributes to the healthy breeding of livestock. It can also be used as a fermentation accelerator for making homemade fermented feed.

About organic calcium agents

Our original calcium agent "Organic Calcium AF" is a water-soluble and soluble organic lime made by firing raw scallop shells at a temperature without chemical modification.

Organic lime does not destroy the microbial layer of the soil, pH is lower than quick lime and slaked lime, so it does not cause rapid soil changes, young raw shellfish is the raw material, so it is rich in trace elements, water-soluble Since it is an organic lime with a high content, it does not remain in the soil and harden the soil. It has a topdressing effect on lime deficiency such as yellowing.

In addition, in the shrimp farming industry, the effects of promoting the growth and weight of shrimp, and in the livestock industry, increasing the calcium content of milk and reducing the malodor caused by manure have been recognized.

"Scallops" and "Organic Power AF" are natural materials for foliar spraying of 100% calcium obtained by baking scallop shells. It has features such as improvement, and its effects are promotion of smooth conversion from vegetative growth to reproductive growth, neutralization of organic acids, vigorous tree vigor, better leaf color, thicker leaves, etc. The growth point works normally and the absorption of phosphoric acid is increased, which improves the taste. "Scallops" and "Organic Power AF" are agricultural names for overseas markets, Japanese names are "ABANT".

Test result data from a testing institute, which is said to have a sterilizing effect in saturated aqueous solutions, is available and can be referred to below.

>>>Click here for details on test result data from ABANT (scallop / organic power AF) testing institutions.

About fermented chicken manure

  • type: Fermented chicken manure [powder, granules, pellets] / chicken manure, cow manure combustion ash [sawdust, rice husks]
  • origin: JAPAN
  • deadline: Order 1 month in advance
  • package: 500kg / 700kg (Comes in a flexible container bag)
  • MOQ: 20/40 ft container
  • payment terms: 30%advance payment・70%when exchanging B/L

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email: info@arrowfield.co.jp
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