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Import-related business

We handle these products Our products are as follows. If you are a company or trading company considering purchasing , please feel free to contact us.
product name origin Main purpose
solar panels and solar modules Viet Nam For solar power generation

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product name origin Main purpose
Solar power generation related equipment China For solar power generation
wood pellets Viet Nam For large boilers in power plants, indoor heating, and camping.
Wood pellets “Acacia, Eucalyptus, Others” Viet Nam for animal bedding
wood chips(Acacia・Eucalyptus etc) Viet Nam paper making
Wood pellets Indonesia For large boilers in power plants, indoor heating, and camping.
Wood pellets Indonesia animal bedding
Wood chips *Forced dried product Indonesia for fuel
steam coal Indonesia power plant・large boiler
PKS Indonesia power plant・large boiler
urea water "AdBlue" China For automobile
softwood pulp U.S.ASweden For toilet paper & tissue paper
hardwood pulp CanadaUruguayPortugal For kraft paper (with chemical pulp and mechanical pulp)
Agricultural urea pellets(CAS 57-13-6) China agriculture
silica sand Malaysia・Indonesia glass making
rolled paper (electrostatic paper) China making office printing paper
Copy paper "various sizes" China office printing paper

Vietnamese wood chips and pellets import business to Japan

Acacia wood pellets from Vietnam are perfect for Japanese biomass power plants.

Compared to fossil fuels such as petroleum, wood pellets are a fuel that emits significantly less carbon dioxide, which is a cause of global warming.

Of course, like fossil fuels, wood pellets also emit carbon dioxide when burned, but the amount is the same as the amount absorbed by photosynthesis in the growth process of wood, so the balance is zero, so-called [carbon neutral]. With our method, trees are planted at the same time as felling, enabling a permanent supply while maintaining carbon neutrality.

In other words, it is environmentally friendly, supports the economies of developing countries while maintaining forests, and greatly contributes to Japan's stable power generation plan. In addition, we can supply a large amount of 100% acacia and 100% eucalyptus wood chips for paper manufacturing that meet the standards for Japanese companies.

We also handle Malaysian and Indonesian PKS (palm husks made from palm oil), which is currently the mainstream of biomass power plants in Japan, as it plays a role as a bridge until switching to wood pellets.

We also provide white pellets with a diameter of 6mm for use in home heating stoves for Japan and Europe. White pellets are the Pellets are made from trees that have been barked and have no leaves or branches. Because it is made only from the core of the tree, it generates a large amount of heat, and because it produces less ash, it puts less burden on stoves and chimneys.

We also handle wood chips for paper manufacturing and rice husk pellets for animal bedding.

We have FSC-CoC certification for trading companies.

>>>More information on FSC's Core Labor Requirements Policy Statement can be found here.→→

FSC Authentication details
Authentication registration No. :SA-COC-007873
CW No. :SA-CW-007873
license No.:FSC®C158495

In line with the application of RSB certification, which is scheduled to be introduced in April 2023, PKS is planned to be certified not only by the local factory but also by NKY Co., Ltd. and our company.

>>>For more information on our Vietnamese wood chips and pellets import business to Japan, click here

>>>For more information on our Indonesian PKS factory in Kalimantan, click here

Indonesian wood pellet import business for livestock bedding from Japan

We also handle Indonesian wood chips for paper manufacturing, Indonesian wood chips for fuel, and rice husk pellets for animal litter.

*Please feel free to contact us for details.



Urea water is used as a measure to reduce exhaust gas from vehicles equipped with diesel engines.

The manufacturing plant in China this time will be Lubpro, a company licensed in Australia.

The manufacturer is licensed by the German Automobile Industry Association (VDA), so it can be manufactured and sold as AbBlue.

Our company will be a sales agent and will be a direct contract between Lubpro and the client company.

Print roll paper

  • spec:
    Size: Wide 846mm
    Diameter: 1000mm/ 1100mm
    Weight: 800kg/ 1000kg
    Specification: 80 GSM± 2GSM
    Whiteness: 92%
  • payment term: T/T(After signing the contract, 30% advance payment and 70% balance when presenting a copy of the dock receipt).Please contact us if you would like L/C.
  • style: CIF
  • Minimum deadline: Please contact us
  • origin: China
  • minimum  order:Please contact us
  • wrapping style: Kraft paper wrapped roll, container
  • price    : We will give you an estimate each time.
  • 【Reference price as of February 2023】main port , Viet nam CIF7000 CHY/ton(Settle in USD in Chinese yuan or the exchange rate on the day of the contract)
  • For Japan/overseas shipments, please let us know the destination port.

Silica sand

We deal in silica sand.
*Please feel free to contact us for details.

Agricultural urea pellets(CAS 57-13-6)
We have started handling urea pellets for agriculture.
We have a domestic sales license.

Import permission for agricultural urea pellets

Licensed by: Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Registration number: Import No. 107499

Guaranteed component amount (%): Nitrogen total amount 46.0

detail information
spec 46%
Adjustable particle size from 2mm to 3.5mm
* Specifications can be finely adjusted in the production process.
payment 50% T/T, When shipping 50%
trade conditions CIF
origin CHINA
Dose limit per contract 3,000 tons
Minimum shipment One 20 feet container (about 20 tons)
packing 50kg or 1,000kg with flexible container bag, 20 ft container packed with 20 tons
※Please note that pallets will be charged separately.

※weekdays(including National holidays)am9:00~pm6:00
email: info@arrowfield.co.jp
※Please be sure to include your contact information.

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