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About trading business

1.1 Solar Panels, Solar Modules, Biomass

We have started handling new products such as Vietnamese-made solar panels and solar modules, Chinese-made solar power generation related equipment/equipment, and power plants.

We are mainly engaged in importing wood chips (for fuel and paper) and pellets(for fuel and animal bedding) from Vietnam and Indonesia and exporting them to third countries.

The projected sales volume of acacia chips for papermaking in 2023 is 1.5 million BDMT (approximately 3 million tons).

Wood pellets for fuel are produced in Vietnam and Indonesia, and there are various types (FSC-certified products, EN plus-certified products,I1-I3 rank products) depending on the application, supply capacity, and price. It is also assumed to be used.

We also provide pellets with a diameter of 6mm for use in home heating stoves for Japan and Europe.

Pellets and compressed sawdust for animal litter are also available.

PKS, which is refined from the shells discharged during the process of extracting palm oil, can also be used as fuel for power plants with a minimum order of 10,000 tons or more (using bulk ships).

In addition, we have "Indonesian coal" for power plants and large boilers, "Urea water AdBlue" from China, "US pulp, Swedish pulp, Canadian pulp, Portuguese pulp, Uruguay pulp", Chinese "Agricultural pulp". We handle urea pellets for printers, copy paper from China, and electrostatic paper from China, print roll paper.

1.2 Mineral related

Business related to the import and export to third countries of good quality and inexpensive coal from Indonesia and silica sand from Malaysia or Indonesia as a material for glass manufacturing 50,000-ton/time bulk ships] are being developed.

1.3 Agriculture related

In June 2016, we established a joint venture, "ARROWFIELD VIETNAM CO., LTD" in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am doing my best to Starting with that, we are engaged in sales of organic agricultural materials overseas and promotional activities. From January 2019, we started trading with Vin Eco, an agricultural corporation of the Vin Group, Vietnam's largest conglomerate. (The business of Vin Eco is currently being split off and transferred to another major supermarket chain.) Regarding agricultural urea pellets, we have partnered with a major trading company in China and are able to supply large quantities of high-quality, inexpensive pellets. . (Import and sales permission in Japan has been obtained) Regarding fermented poultry manure (granules and pellets), we can purchase directly from domestic poultry farmers and supply them overseas (minimum order amount is approximately 500 tons/month).

1.4 Hygiene related

We can import a large amount of disposable gloves (nitrile, PVC, etc.) from major manufacturers in Malaysia and China. In addition, it is also possible to set a dedicated package as an OEM product.

As for the antibacterial deodorant ABANT (aqueous solution), our company directly sells the spray type as a manufacturer, and it can sterilize all kinds of bacteria and viruses.

In addition, we are working to export the powder, which is the raw material, so that it can be diluted with fresh water locally and used in large quantities at poultry farms, pig farms, leaf farms, etc.

2. Import-related business

  • Vietnam made solar panels and solar modules
  • Chinese solar power generation related equipment
  • Animal bedding "Indonesian wood pellets"
  • "Vietnamese acacia wood and eucalyptus wood chips" and "wood pellets of acacia wood" that are ideal for power generation fuel and papermaking raw materials
  • "Indonesian coal" for power plants and large boilers
  • "Chinese urea water AdBlue"
  • "American Pulp, Swedish Pulp, Canadian Pulp, Portuguese Pulp, Uruguay Pulp"
  • "Urea Pellets for Agricultural Use Made in China"
  • "Chinese copy paper"
  • "Electrostatic Paper Made in China"

3. Sales / export related business

  • Organic agricultural materials that enable the production and provision of safe and secure fruits and vegetables "plant activators, ABANT , organic calcium agents, etc."
  • "Fermented chicken manure"

4. Agricultural consulting business

With the motto of safe and secure fruits and vegetables,
  • Provision of Japanese seeds and seedlings, organic agricultural materials, fermentation agents, and organic calcium agents
  • Technical guidance and support for organic farming methods
  • Provision of crop sales destinations [Japan, Thailand, etc.]
We will produce from production to sales.

[Currently suspended due to the new coronavirus. ]

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